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Comment : How Long - It All Depends
Posted by Diana_W on Thu 2:08pm 16 September 2004


Hang in there! My right ankle broke on 7/28. Shattered tib,fib and talus in 27 breaks. The usual surgery, plates, screws and pins. I had the first cast removed about 5 days later, and the infected blood blisters were huge! Antibiotics took care of those.

My OS said at least 6 months before I'll be semi-normal, but I will have arthritis in the ankle. He changed my fiberglass cast every week for 6 weeks, which really helped with the fit. I got green, purple, royal blue, red, pink, and black before I got the walking boot just over a week ago.

The walking boot has been just awful (see the diary). The dials and pins that adjust it dug into the inside of my ankle. As a result, I now have a new set of blisters, much smaller and redder than the fracture blisters. They're not infected, as the blood test showed, but they definitely inhibit my trying to walk with the boot. I slathered with aloe gel, which is gradually drying them out.

My sister drives a bus, which is what caught my attention in your diary. She's in Lake Tahoe, CA, where the snow is higher than the roofs of houses. She did that for 20 years, went back to school, and now does the bookkeeping and paperwork for the bus company. Much better than driving in mountains of snow. She used to have to put chains on her bus, which is amazing.

Do you have an accountant? I think that worker's comp is taxable income, much like unemployment comp is taxable. So you don't get stuck come April 1, you might want to talk to your employer to see if you should have taxes withheld.

We will heal. Everyone on MBL is fantastic. Their tips are very valuable. Rest and relax and keep your foot elevated. Be sure to ice constantly to keep the swelling down. Also, I really recommend physical therapy. I started mine last week and can see the difference already. Without the therapy to restore your ROM (rotation of motion), you could be gimpy in the long run.

Good luck with your ankle!

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 Thu 2:08pm 16 September 2004
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