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Comment : Re: Re: Re: What's Up??
Posted by Annette on Wed 4:52am 10 November 2004

Hi Diane,

Does it hurt when you walk without your crutches? It sure does here, but I'm not using a cane either-just gimp around with the stupid black boot. I wear the darn thing all the time except for when sleeping (about ten hours a day lately), doing the excercises/icing and bathing cause that's what the OS told me to do.

My tendons still feel pretty crappy. Part of the reason it feels like a "dead person's ankle", as it turns out, is because he was feeling the plate! Yeah, Honey, that's titanium-it's pretty hard! The tendons are the rest of the reason.

I'm cancelling my trip to Florida in Feb. I was supposed to be going with my daughter and the marching band from her school. I had several reasons for going including: getting away from going out in the cold every morning (don't have to do that), to see them march in the Disney World parade, and to lay around the pool. I haven't worked for 5 months, so I don't really need that break, don't feel like hobbling around Disney all day in pain, etc. I'm going to do something else with Brad instead. Good plan. My daughter will be thrilled. She's a teen so she doesn't like to have me around much. OMG-she got her driver's permit last week! Holy heart attacks! She drives everywhere we go, even into the city, after dark, in the rain, you name it. She just turned 15, so she'll have a TON of experience before she gets her license. She's actually pretty good. I wish I would have known they didn't teach her to park before I had her doing it at the mall, though!!

My ankle turns out OK but not in. Pulling it towards my body is also a lot better than pressing down (like pushing on a gas pedal). It snaps and crackles (a little) when I'm doing the excercises. I wonder if that's good or bad? I hope the OS gives me a short boot or brace next Tuesday. It doesn't feel any better with the stupid boot on. Actually, sometimes it feels worse! I had to take it off while I sat in court (for my son) yesterday. Probably because of swelling since it's almost an hour drive and I sat in there for 3 hours. He could get anything from probation to 30 years. Sentencing is on Dec.2. SO HARD TO NOT CRY when they bring him in in shackles, but I don't want to make him feel any worse than he already does, so I suck it up. Had to turn away when I heard 30 years, though. I'm depressing myself!

We also hae a spoiled cat. Brad rescued her from the bus garage when she was 3 weeks old. He kept hearing meowing coming from a pile of wood that was near his bus, so he put out cat food for a few days. Then he caught her sleeping one day, grabbed her and carried her into the bus garage. SSSOOO cute! Big, muscle bound dude with the sweetest smile on his face, carrying this tiny kitty. She's a brat cause she was hand raised by two people who didn't know what we know now. So much like parenting!!

OK, that's today's novel! Man, I want to go back to work! I think I'll have my HW removed next January! Genius plan! Get back to work ASAP, then take a few weeks or more off in the middle of Winter!! OH YEAH!!

Take Care!


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 Wed 4:52am 10 November 2004
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