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Comment : Re: Re: What's Up??
Posted by Diane_M on Tue 7:36pm 9 November 2004

Glad for the update! (and happy that your man is treating you like you deserve to be treated!).

I am doing pretty well on the walking stuff - the crutches are in the closet and I am now using a cane. I have gone from two crutches - to one crutch - to no crutches in 4 weeks time. Guess I was sick of those puppies! I still have my big black velcro boot - but I don't wear it at home. My ROM isn't great, but I am doing really well with the weight-bearing (just don't ask me to stand up on my tiptoes). My next OS appt. is on the 22nd. I have not started any formal PT either. I do need some help with the ROM - my ankle does not move from side to side either.

I have a great husband - we've been married for 10+ years. We don't have any kids - but we have the two most spoiled cats in the world. I wish you the best of luck - I'll bet you can't wait until May!!!

Hey - the race ain't over till it's over. You will heal up faster than you think. I'm just on a roll right now :-) I can't believe it has been almost 3 months!

Oh - and one crutch is a HUGE improvement over 2 - you're gonna love it!


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 Tue 7:36pm 9 November 2004
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