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Comment : Re: What's Up??
Posted by Annette on Tue 4:46am 9 November 2004

Hi Diane,
My internet has been acting up. It works, then it doesn't and so on. Also, I've been snoozing through the time of day I usually log into MBL (early in the morning when I'm home alone).

I'm still wearing the stupid boot, 2 crutches, blah blah blah.

I went to the grocery store by myself last night. It turns out that one crutch and a grocery cart is a pretty darn good way to walk! Then a girl that used to ride my bus was my bagger, so she helped me get the groceries in the car. I carried two bags in myself and left the rest for my fiance.

My OS never said I could walk around without crutches, but I do it sometimes anyway. Not too much because it hurts like crazy on all those tendons and stuff that run down the front of your ankle. My ROM is still extremely limited. Turning the ankle inwards is next to impossible! I do my excercises twice a day with 100 reps each time.

I got another bus route that started yesterday, and now I wouldn't mind going back to work! I wouldn't have to be there until 8:25 and be done at 2:30 (or go do a field trip). It's the route that takes HS kids to the tech and alternative Ed schools. No little hyper rug rats or Kindergardners to worry about their parents being home. I would miss the young 'uns though. I would also be making a ton of more money!! I could do a field trip just about every single day if I wanted to. Starting to stress about the money stuff. I USED TO have a nice little savings account.

I go back to the OS next Tuesday (the 16th). I'm going to insist on PT cause this home crud is getting me about nowhere. If he still doesn't send me, I'm going for a second opinion. I'm so tired of hearing, "I can't believe you're not in PT yet."

My mystery man has been around for 4 and a half years. We used to fight and break up a lot. We broke up for two months over the Summer. I met somebody else-turned out to be a weirdo-my Brad figured out what he had after I was gone, became a much nicer person (compliments of God and Paxil), I found out some of my character flaws that he complained about REALLY WERE ANNOYING (the weirdo actually shared some of them with me), and so on and so on. Anyway, things have never been so good. I have the same SUPER HOT (7 years younger) man with a brand new open, sweet, loving personality. That's why the broken ankle was the best thing that could have happened to me. Man, that other guy got on my nerves SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD once I broke it. It was a crash course on who I did not want to spend time with!! He was on my nerves before that, but it got 100 times worse. Plus, I remember thinking that I wasn't going to see Brad as I was falling the day I broke it. He drives bus also, but for the Intermediate school district (Special Ed) and works out of the same bus garage as me. That's how we met. I used to work for the ISD also. He's so darn sweet now!! Of course, he gets awnry sometimes, but now he KNOWS when he's been a jerk, apologizes, thanks me for putting up with his moods, tells me he loves me, etc. He never ever would have done that before. A bunch of people are skeptical, but I know the difference. It's absolutely tremendous. Ok, after not logging in for almost two weeks, there's my novel!

Glad things are going well for your recovery. I think you're going to beat me to the finish line!

Take Care!


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 Tue 4:46am 9 November 2004
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