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Comment : Torture Device
Posted by Diane_M on Sat 7:58pm 23 October 2004

Poor you! My boot is not a torture device. It does look like a Darth Vader boot (black, big, and lots of straps/velcro. But... the big difference between you and I is that you were in a fiberglass cast for 9 weeks and I wasn't. Since I had my little skin problem, I had a removable boot after a week and a half so we could change the dressings on my wound. I could start on the range of motion movements much earlier than you could. I cannot do much for side to side movement, but I can curl my toes and move my foot up and down (not nearly as far as I should be able to - but it will take time).

My next OS appt isn't until 11/22. Today is my 10 week mark. I'm hoping I can walk without crutches by then, but that may be wishful thinking.


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 Sat 7:58pm 23 October 2004
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