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Comment : Re: Remove the Bath Doors
Posted by Annette on Fri 5:56am 22 October 2004

I would hae those removed if other people didn't need somewhere to shower around here! I've already claimed the other shower and removed the doors! It's OK, I just pull my wheelchair right up to the tub and transfer myself in. Thank God for washcloth bars!! I leave a towel draped across the seat of my WC for when I get back out. The first time I was kind of freaked out! I was thinking, "How am I ever gonna get out of here? I've gotten in the tub and I can't get out!" I had visions of laying in there 'til somebody got home!
That actually would have been OK too! I've been loving the bath so much, I haven't taken a shower since, but am going to go do that right now. How nice to not have to use the old garbage bag and stick my foot out!! YEAH!!

Have a good day!


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 Fri 5:56am 22 October 2004
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