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Comment : Re: Showers and Tendons
Posted by Annette on Fri 5:49am 22 October 2004

Hi Diana!

I've tried sleeping with and without the torture device. My ankle hurt in the morning when I slept without it, but last night I took the darn thing off in the middle of the night. Makes the ball of my foot just miserable!

I feel for ya with the stitches! I was fortunate and never had any-they glued my incisions shut.

I massage my foot all the time. I have it in my head that it will help loosen up all those stiff, hard soft tissues. feels icky and good at the same time!

No PT yet-just the at home excercises. I go back on Nov. 16th. I keep thinking maybe my OS is sooooo slow because it's comp, and he can collect forever on me. Like I said before, that's ok as long as I get to be off work (and paid through the Summer). Then it will be time to take the HW out and I'll get to keep being a bum. AND not having to see my idiot boss!!

The boot is not nearly as bad as the first day. Pain in the butt for visiting my son, though. I had to open it up so they could make sure I wasn't hiding things in there. AS IF I would try to sneak anything into him, but some PARENTS actually do! It's no wonder THEIR kids are in jail!

Good Luck with the HW removal and getting back to where you were!

Diane_M must be hurting from her trip. Poor thing hasn't been on.


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 Fri 5:49am 22 October 2004
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