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Comment : Showers and Tendons
Posted by Diana_W on Wed 12:41pm 20 October 2004


Congratulations on your bare and now clean foot! Isn't it wonderful to see your foot again? Slather Vitamin E (I punch a hole in the pill with a pin) and the aloe vera gel on the scars and massage them so they don't pucker up. The chair in the shower and a hand-held are the only way to go. I only wore the boot when I had to walk. Otherwise, I left off so the air could help heal the skin.

After all of those weeks in cast, you have zero muscles in your leg, which is why it's vital that you start exercising and PT right away. Did you get a prescription yet?

You've heard my story before, but when I started PT in week 7 (had the boot), I was in agony from the withered leg. By 3 weeks later, I was able to do toe lifts, stand on the bad foot for 20 seconds with 3 repetitions, ride the stationary bike, and other ROM exerises. It really hurt and I hated my therapist because she made me hurt myself, but it gets better and better the more you exercise and stretch those tendons and dormant muscles. You might want to do a search of Chucke's comments. He had some great advice. Our resident scientist.

Surgery #2 to pull the pins last week set me back, but the stitches come out next Monday, and I'm going straight to PT again. Even after surgery #2, my muscles were much better. I can stand on both feet when necessary, use one crutch in a pinch, and the pain is much diminished.

Please start PT as soon as possible. And keep on soaking and icing that foot. You'll still hate the boot, but it will help you heal...

Best, Diana

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 Wed 12:41pm 20 October 2004
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