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Comment : It will get better
Posted by Diana_W on Tue 9:31pm 19 October 2004


Do you have that Darth Vadar boot with the dials of both sides of your ankle? Ugly thing and painful at first. It will get better, believe me. If you do have the dials, put some foam rubber or padding on the outside of the boot between the dials and the ankle. That will help, but you're still gonna hurt.

The nurse who put on my boot pushed it up hard and grinned as she tightened the dials to a zero position. Little or no TLC.

Anyway, you're one more step forward!!! The boot sucks, but it will hold every broken thing in place and help you strengthen those chicken legs and weak ankle. Please start PT as soon as you can. I hobbled into PT, much to the dismay of my therapist, on the walker and boot for two weeks. Finally, I lost the darn thing.

Chin up. Please go to PT. Your leg needs bracing. I guess that's what Darth Vadar is all about.

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 Tue 9:31pm 19 October 2004
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