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Comment : Re: Re: Congrats
Posted by Diane_M on Wed 6:43pm 29 June 2005

Ahhh - so I just answered my own question - you still have your hardware :-). So, why did workers' comp. close your case - did they determine that you were fully healed despite what the Dr. said?? Ding dongs! No fun to deal with lawyers, but you should definitely not get screwed out of anything (pardon my language).

It's too soon to say what life after HW removal will be like yet, but I'm confident that it will be awesome and pain-free. Right now (7 days post-op) it still hurts. It's funny - I was on MBL on day one bragging that it was a piece of cake!! Well, day two it hurt like hell and I was eating percocets and ibuprofen like candy (still suffering the constipation consequences, but you don't want me to write about that on your diary!!). Apparently they had filled my ankle with lidocane or something during surgery, so no wonder it didn't hurt when I got home. I was walking crutch free and saying "hey - this wasn't bad at all". Well, when that stuff wore off... whoa nelly! Day 2 - needed crutches. Day 3 - only needed 1, Day 4 and on = no crutches, walking fine, just really aches (the fib side only). Tib side feels fine, but there wasn't as much to remove.

Well, I'll let ya go now. Glad you're back and keep in touch!


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 Wed 6:43pm 29 June 2005
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