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Comment : Good luck again!!
Posted by Diana_W on Mon 5:41pm 18 October 2004


This time, ditch that cast for good and get the boot. I can tell you're super excited. You'll love being able to move your ankle and toes around. When I lost the cast, I couldn't stop wiggling my ankle in amazement. You'll also love being able to wash it and put your foot on the ground.

You're prepped for the chicken leg after-effects, so don't be surprised when you see that your calf melted away. Also, it's gonna swell because it's been tightly bound for weeks. Get ready with the ice. You'll still have to keep your foot elevated, but sleeping is much more comfortable without the cast. I used a giant foam rubber pillow as a prop. Sweet dreams.

Are they going to give you a prescription for phsycial therapy right away? They should. You need to get those muscles back if you're going to walk.

I'm on hold with PT until next Monday when the stitches come out from surgery #2. Can't wait to get started again.

Good luck and best - Diana

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 Mon 5:41pm 18 October 2004
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