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Comment : Re: Kauai Report
Posted by Annette on Mon 4:27am 18 October 2004

Hi Diane!

If it makes you feel any better, it's flippin' cold here! Wearing Winter coats kind of cold. AND it's been raining. BBBRRR!!

I was going to tell you to go to Jim for advice, since he's in Hawaii, but you've already been there!

See, I warned you about that swelling! Make sure you have first aid ice packs for the return trip! Tell your hubby a limo that you could stretch out in (and ice your ankle) sure would have been nice for your return trip home!! Make him feel plenty guilty so he won't mind riding in the plane with your foot elevated in his lap!

Did you wear the flip flops? If not, you probably will be on the way home!

If you take benadryl (pills) before going to bed, it will help keep you from itching AND help you sleep!. Your aloe Vera gel (you DID bring it, right??) should be soothing also.

My OS appointment is tomorrow. MIGHT get that walking cast! Either way, it's ok. I'm in no hurry to go back to work (especially for the idiot that helped put me here on MBL)!

Wish I could have loaned you my Super-Deluxe Go-Go Geriatric Walker! The one with wheels, a basket and even a seat to sit down when you get tired! At least strolling the sidewalks would be better than crutching it!

ICE ICE BABY! (On the plane, of course)! Maybe some Motrin too??

Have as much fun as possible!


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 Mon 4:27am 18 October 2004
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