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Comment : Hi Annette
Posted by Jim_F on Wed 6:25pm 6 October 2004

Since being injured I have renewed my faith and have accepted God back into my life. In fact just the other day while speaking with one of our security force folks at work, I mentioned I believe you don't have to be in church to speak with God. I have accepted the fact over the years, there would have been no way I could of beard over 80 major surgical procedures, if in fact God was present within my life. I also thank him everyday for others who are believer's, who refused to give up on me, when I was a non-believer and/or bitter with him due to my injuries.

What I have learned over the years, "Life is what you make it". I am missing a leg and cannot use a Prosthetic Leg due to my lower disk in my back was damaged, beyond repair and was removed, oh how I have tried to use a Prosthetic Leg, with no success. I did lose my Bladder Functions and have to cath myself, as mentioned earlier I've had, had numerous surgical procedures, prior to losing my leg and afterwards.

I did return to school to be re-educated and have a Bachelors Degree in Account and further educated myself and also have a Masters Degree in Business Management. What I really appreciate, I have returned to the workforce and have been since graduating from college in 1989.

I'm not looking for any pats on the back with someone telling me "Job well done". What I do enjoy and strive to teach within the Disable Community, both Permanent and Temporary, is this is a setback along lifes long run, but can be overcome with not giving up. Please believe me, everyday is not always a great day, but than again it is, I look at waking up in the morning as a great thing. Bottom line, "Life is what you make it", you can let it defeat you or you can move forward. So much for now, in the coming chapters I will explain further about my original accident and the aftermath.

Till than, my heart and prayers go out to each and every one of you, I hope lots of Healing Rays are coming.

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 Wed 6:25pm 6 October 2004
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