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Comment : I'm cool with the cast
Posted by Annette on Tue 1:54pm 28 September 2004

I'm cool with the cast-whatever. I just figured out that being able to place my foot on the floor means I can stand up!! Yeah!! So much easier to balance with BOTH FEET ON THE FLOOR!

Another good thing about the cast is that I'm so darn mobile! the wheelchair helps, I must admit. I can't even remember the last time I spent the day on the couch. I don't even sleep on it anymore-got my bed back. I even helped clean my daughters' bedroom yesterday. People holler at me all the time for doing too much, but as the OS always says, "Everything looks good." so it must be ok, right?

BTW-rain DOES bother me. Send some of that lovely/warm weather my way!! Ok that makes the cast a bummer-mustn't get it wet.

Marv, kiss your wife! She didn't let you starve!

Take Care All!


PS I'm addicted to MBL.com!!

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 Tue 1:54pm 28 September 2004
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