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Comment : Re: Re: Re: Re: Good luck - walking cast
Posted by Diana_W on Tue 1:12pm 28 September 2004

Aha, that's what my OS did with the very last cast. He pushed up my foot to 90 degrees to make sure it wasn't sagging. My last cast was green too. I also got to scrub my foot before that cast. The 90 degree cast seems to be the last step before the walking cast. I got mine a week later.

Your OS is moving more slowly than mine. I don't think it depends on the state or location, just the MD approach. I broke both sides too but he really pushed me out of the cast after 6 weeks, even with a partially disintegrated talus (rotator cuff).

I think my MD is used to younger folks. He treats a lot of sports injuries so maybe he's used to those young bones that heal faster. Still, he's very good, and I trust him. He managed to piece back together all of the osteoporodic old bones.

Hang in there! Please stay in touch because I'm still sitting here with my foot up in the air in between bouts of foot exercises and trying to learn how to handle just one crutch (failure so far). It's lovely outside. I hobbled out to the deck to get some sun. The leaves are just starting to turn.


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 Tue 1:12pm 28 September 2004
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