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Comment : Re: Re: Re: Good luck - walking cast
Posted by Annette on Tue 12:34pm 28 September 2004

Boot? No boot. Aircast? Nope. New cast-Yep. This one is green and my foot is now at a 90 degree angle. Progress-S L O W progress. I also have the pleasure of putting a TEENY bit of weight on it-as in place my foot on the floor while sitting or standing with my crutches. Oh Well.

I did get to scrub my leg while I was at the office and peel MUCH dead skin off. Couldn't find my shaver OR foot file when it was time to go. The x-ray tech said it would probably just make it itch when new hair started to grow in anyway. At least I don't have to look at it.

I don't know if my ankle is that messed up, maybe it's because it's both sides of it, or if my OS is very cautious, but I go back on the 19th of October-3 more casted weeks for a total of 9 weeks and 1 day from the day I broke it. Maybe I'll get one of those pleasure devices then?

Maybe it's a State to State thing? An insurance thing? I'm in Michigan-maybe he wants me super stable before the snow? Or maybe it's because I'm worry free (and so is he) with expenses because of the workers' comp?

Another one of our bus drivers broke her right ankle,at work, only one side, 2 or 3 breaks, and she was in a cast for 12 weeks, but was told 9 to begin with-same as me.

Take Care!


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 Tue 12:34pm 28 September 2004
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