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Comment : It DOES get better...Honest!
Posted by Marv Eisen on Tue 11:24pm 14 September 2004

Annette, sorry to hear of your discomfort.

I make a not so graceful descent off of a ladder and shattered my left fibula right at the ankle joint back on May 21, 04. I'm 55 and these things just shouldn't happen to old people!

I had surgery two weeks later to put in a plate with six screws on the fibula, and one long screw that went through both fibula and tibula to hold everything in place. When I came out of surgery, the pain was so great I was given large doses of morphine to stop my screaming! I finally got a demand morphine drip where you push a button to get a little shot now and then. The great pain subsided by the next day.

I found the SWELLING inside the cast was almost unbearable. Put your foot UP on a stack of pillows or a BEAN BAG which works great and cover the cast in ice as much of the time as you can - even while sleeping. This will reduce the swelling, reduce the pain, and make the cast almost bearable.

I hope you have a spouse to wait on you, hand and foot, during your recovery. I would have starved to death without my wife being my live-in nurse and cook. Stay in bed!

After eight weeks the cast came off and at ten weeks I had the large screw removed. I'm now at 12 weeks in therapy to stretch the ligaments and bearing full weight.

Best wishes to you on your recovery.

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 Tue 11:24pm 14 September 2004
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