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Comment : Re: Recovery Time
Posted by Annette on Wed 4:58am 22 September 2004

HI Anita,
Maybe the PT the next day was only for crutches/walker fitting and adjustment?? I have more than 4 weeks left with a cast-the last 3 are supposed to be with a walking cast. I assume a boot or splint will follow and that's when PT will begin. I still don't know the details of how badly I broke it, but everybody kept saying, "You sure did a good job!" Gee, thanks!
I bet your calf muscle is in a lot better shape than mine, since you haven't been in a cast. Mine is half the size it used to be-and F L A B B Y!!
I won't be able to go back to work for a really long time, which has it's good and bad sides. I miss the kids and I'm losing a ton of money, but I get to focus on getting this thing better.
I've learned that this was probably the best thing that could have happened to me-kind of a long and personal story.

Take Care!


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 Wed 4:58am 22 September 2004
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