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Comment : Hello Too!
Posted by Diana_W on Wed 8:31am 5 January 2005

Hi Annette,

I'm still here, although lurking most of the time and occasionally chiming in on discussion. Yes, I go back to work next Monday, bummer.

Today's my birthday! My friend is bringing over chinese food for a feast tonight, if she can get through the blizzard or have it delivered. It's snowing like crazy here. They're calling for another 8 inches on top of the 3 we got last night. The snow plows are real busy. I'm glad I didn't have to try the commute in this mess. The snow is headed your way!

So you and Diane are in a race to heal. Let's see who wins! Sounds like PT is going very well for both of you. It does work wonders with mobility and strength. I'm still doing my exercises at home, especially heel lifts and balancing on the bad foot. Still icing too.

I've been doing projects that I wanted to do last July. The renovated bathroom is done finally. Painted the walls seafoam green. Yesterday, I bought pretty towels and a bath mat. The shower curtain is decorated with seashells. Ordered a neat seashell dried flower wreath off the web. I'm still waiting for an Art.Com. ocean poster to arrive. I haven't taken a shower in there because I'm still using the shower chair and handheld in the other bathroom. I may switch everything soon, or I may try a real stand-up shower. I'm just paranoid of slipping.

My other project was to redo my hallway linen closet. It was a mess. Ripped out the old rusting metal shelves, primed and painted, put in new shelves. The first time I put up the shelves, I was lazy and didn't use anchors for that hollow wall. Three shelves came crashing down. Oops. Got the anchors and longer screws. I think they'll stay put now.

It's amazing what you can do when you can use your ankle again!!!!

Avoid work if you can stretch out this disability leave until the end of winter. I'd love to be able to sit out until April, but I really can't prolong going back to work anymore. Rats. The thing I dread is getting up at 5:30 am. I've gotten used to sleeping until 6:30 or 7:00. Feel much better with a good night's sleep.

Well, this message was a long one. I'll still be in touch once I head back. I'm planning on meeting Carlise for lunch downtown. She's healed and back to work. Finally meet a fellow MBL'r face to face!

Keep pushing at PT. Your wedding is the ultimate incentive.


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 Wed 8:31am 5 January 2005
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