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Comment : Re: Happy New Year - How's it Going?
Posted by Annette on Mon 4:42am 3 January 2005

I saw the other PT guy last week because mine wasn't available one day. According to him, I'm doing amazingly well. He was really surprised when I told him (and then proved) that I didn't need the balancing stick for the step downs. I sure do need it for trying to stand on the darn bad foot and the balancing bear routine on the rocker boards! Heel lifts suck!

Did I tell you it turned out that I broke more than my ankle? Sure did-tri mal of the ankle PLUS three fx's of the fib just above the ankle and a spiral fx of the tib just above the ankle. Pt guys say I'm doing better than some people they've seen with just the tri-mal fx.

I tell them that's because I need to be graceful in May. The wedding plans are moving pretty slowly. We still haven't even met with the Pastor! Our reception will either be at the church or the local ski lodge. My fiance's brother in law's Dad is the General Manager there and all we'd have to pay for is the catering. It's all good, though. My Mom put my first one together in 6 weeks!

Doc said I could go back to work today but I didn't want to yet. I take the kids safety VERY SERIOUSLY and I'm not so sure I could deal with a bunch of little kids in an emergency situation. I had to switch routes AGAIN (it's soooo stupid-just like my boss). I would have gone back if I still had the all High Schooler route. But I may change my mind really quick because the Comp company is jerking me around and I'm sick of their crap!

Have a Happy Happy New Year!!


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 Mon 4:42am 3 January 2005
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