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Comment : Re: Re: How Long - It All Depends
Posted by Diana_W on Sat 11:37am 18 September 2004

Aha, Michigan, so you do know about snow! I'm outside Chicago, and we get our share, but you get the lake effect blizzards. I've driven through there many times in winter in blowing white-out snowstorms.

I never had a wheelchair. They tried to give me crutches after surgery, and I demanded a walker after I almost fell with crutches. It doesn't have wheels, so I pick it up and drop it as I walk. Named it "Thumper." Great upper body strength now. Have you tried lots of pillows and keeping your leg up? I have the same sore butt lopsided effect from sitting in the recliner for hours on end. I take Vicodin at night, which really is the only time I need some relief. One a day is fine.

My OS is pretty determined to get me walking soon, in spite of the discomfort with the velcro nasty boot. The velcro sticks to everything in sight. He must have told my physical therapist to get me moving because she really went all out yesterday. Lots of resistance training and twisting my ankle around on foam rubber blocks. She always starts off with a very slow ankle rotation in every direction and a massage. It's heaven. Then we get into the hard stuff that hurts. Please get PT, especially if your work will pay for it, and they should.

I've got lots of raw spots still around the incisions. The nasty red rash is finaly disappearing. The blisters are scabbed now. Try aloe vera gel. It is fantastic and cheap (look by the suntan lotion at the store). The aloe also got rid of my fish scale dead skin. You'll have fish scale skin when your cast comes off and lots of it. The incisisons are still sensitive and certainly not numb. I can feel every stitch and pin when I move.

I try to keep the foot naked as much as possible so it can air out and heal. You'll be there too once you have the boot. It feels great to have a foot again, even thought I can't use it much.

The poor guy with his multiple fractures. Major ouch. I agree that a broken ankle is truly horrible because it is very narrow and tapered and takes all of your weight. On the other hand, the people on the site with wrecked knees have the same problem: a joint that takes a lot of weight. I can't imagine breaking the whole leg. That would be too much.

Take care. Good luck in Michigan. Are you in the UP or south? Regardless, watch out for snow this winter.

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 Sat 11:37am 18 September 2004
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