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Comment : Nice Veil Too
Posted by Diana_W on Thu 9:06am 16 December 2004

Very pretty. It will look great with that awesome gown. What a neat site. You can design and build your own veil.

My wedding was in the back yard, very informal. I found a neat white dress with a lot of lace (no veil), sort of a garden-party dress with a full skirt, a tight waist and short sleeves. Great wedding. Too bad the marriage fizzled out after 6 years.

I got the house. He got the boat. I know I got the better deal, although I had to give him some money for the house. He went belly up, lost his business, fell into a bottle of booze, and disappeared. Last I heard, he was down south somewhere.

Then my brother got a divorce and didn't have anywhere to go, so he moved in. Great arrangement. He pays rent and is a good roommate. He nursed me through the worst part of the broken leg saga. Life has a way of working out things for us.

No PT today!!! I'm dreading whatever new stuff she cooks up tomorrow. Only five more sessions left. I did the walking on my heels and then tiptoes this morning. It worked!


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 Thu 9:06am 16 December 2004
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