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Comment : VEIL
Posted by Annette on Wed 5:10pm 15 December 2004

OK, here goes a description of the veil. It's a two layer, elbow length veil with satin cord trim. The tiara/comb thingy is clustered white pearl, clear beads and sequins. SUPER PRETTY!! I couldn't find an exact picture but you get the idea, right? If I had paid full price, they would have cost almost $200!! I barely paid more than that for my dress! My daughter freaked when she saw the price tag for the tiara/comb! I told her it's called taking advantage of the consumer!!

Can't wait for the day to be here and also can't wait for it to be gone! Go figure. I know it's gonna get stressful since everyone has an opinion and aren't afraid to offer them to bride's for some reason. I want to shout "Shut up! Are YOU getting married?" It has only just begun. Oh well. It will be worth it.

Have a good one!


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 Wed 5:10pm 15 December 2004
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