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Comment : Re: Stand on Broken Foot
Posted by Annette on Wed 4:38pm 15 December 2004

Yeah, my PT dude calls the toe stands heel raises-OW! I still have to use two feet to get started. I have today and tomorrow off from torture. Yeah!!

My new 3/4 bath has a shower with a built in seat. Awesome. I stand through most of my shower, but sure is nice to sit down while I wash my feet and shave.

The broad that lives above me is making me nuts. She walks like she weighs 500 pounds and she never sits down. I think she's on speed or coke! The people at the office swear she's not very big and really nice. Whatever. She must have lead feet! She bugs me so bad some days, I wish SHE would break her darn ankle and give me a few weeeks of relief! That's darn near evil cause I know how much a broken ankle sucks! She works 2nd shift (IF she goes to work), so the other night she was pounding around from 1:30-5:00 A friggin M!! OK< jst had to vent cause she's drivin' me nuts right now!

I'll check to see if I can find a picture of my veil.

Have a good one.


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 Wed 4:38pm 15 December 2004
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