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Comment : Stand on Broken Foot
Posted by Diana_W on Wed 6:16am 15 December 2004


Veil and tiara sound beautiful.

Oh yeah that standing on the bad foot for 30 seconds exercise is just awful and soooo painful. I've been doing it for over a month. The first time, I thought I was going to lose it. She worked me up to the point where I couldn't touch the table, just balance. The latest version is to make me balance while standing on a small trampoline! And don't touch the rails. I have to touch my finger occasionally to keep from falling, but it's much easier than it was at first.

Does he have you doing toe stands on the bad foot? At first, I stood on my toes on both feet. Then she said to do toe lifts only on the bad foot. Aggh! 20 reps. I can balance with my left hand on the table and stand on the toes of the busted right ankle. It was a killer, but now I can do them easily.

Hang in there! You'll be balancing and toe-lifting easily in a few weeks.

My OS cleared me to go to work on January 10. If you can avoid it, skip work. As long as you've got coverage, milk it!

My bathroom just has a shower so no bath in the plans. It's a small room with just a shower, toilet and sink, almost closet-size, but boy is it gorgeous now. I will light some candles and shower once I get over the fear-of-falling in the shower. I may drag my chair from the big bathroom and try it once I finish painting. That will be another week or so. One coat at a time. I should finish the door today and then I can go to work on the ceiling. Leave the walls for last.

PT in a couple of hours. Wonder what new exercise we'll have today?


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 Wed 6:16am 15 December 2004
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