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AnneMarie_E : Things I can do this week ....
Diary entry posted Fri 8:04am 5 November 2010

It's been an incredibly long haul and I'm still working on trying to walk again... I'm down to 1 crutch for most of the day but still have pain and swelling if I'm on my feet for any real length of time - it's so good to take my boot off and ice it - ahhhhhh!!

But I need to celebrate the small victories. These are the things I can do this week that I haven't been able to do since August 26th:

1. I can sleep with my duvet covers completely over me!! (my BL can finally stand the weight of the covers - I've been sleeping with the covers off my foot because my BL just couldn't take it ...) It's such a great feeling to pull the covers completely over me...

2. I can sleep on my side!!! Yes! I've had to sleep on my back for 2 1/2 months with my leg elevated on pillows! I still elevate my leg pretty much during the night (for swelling) but every once in a while I can give my back a break and roll to one side or the other (I use a pillow between my knees to do this). Ahhhhh, relief for my back!

3. I can take an "almost normal shower". I have a tub transfer bench with one part of it that hangs outside of the tub to make it easier to get in. The outside part meant that the shower curtain didn't close properly and I had to take the shower nozzle down and spray myself in order to not drench the entire bathroom. I've been able to get on the bath chair on my own without it hanging outside the tub so I can now sit on the chair and enjoy the hot water spray hands free with the curtain completely closed and it's ... fabulous!

All of this sounds like such small things but they are sooo incredibly wonderful and I've missed them! Slowly, every so slowly, I'm getting little bits of my life back.

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 Fri 8:04am 5 November 2010
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