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Comment : Sorry to hear!
Posted by Samantha on Sun 10:46pm 25 March 2007

Sorry to hear this. The good news is, the fibula is not as much a weight bearing bone, the tibia bears most of the weight. I would think that would put your healing ahead of schedule, or at least, not as restrictive for mobility.

But if you post your question in discussion, you will get more immediate answers.

Don't despair! There are lots of people on this site and many with an injury similar to yours, probably, who can share their story. Mine was a tibial plateau and at 5 months, I am just now walking the past few weeks, and not very well at that. But mine was a NWB for 12 weeks injury.

Ask your doctor for information. Make a list when you go in there. My doctor would not say much either, and then I asked for worst and best scenario, or some kind of range, and he was more willing to give me that.

If you are eating right, and not smoking, that will speed your recovery. I had Carnatino instant breakfast every morning, in skim milk, and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and my bones healed way ahead of schedule, for a 44 year old.

I would post your question in discussion. Also search for 'broken fibula' on this site, and you will find diaries of others that may have similar injuries.

Don't despair, it gets better. I had some really low times, but after being able to start weight bearing, it got better quickly. I still have along way to go, but I am seeing improvement.

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 Sun 10:46pm 25 March 2007
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