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Anna : Two weeks later
Diary entry posted Wed 3:10pm 12 November 2003

A lot has happened since that day I was released from hospital, which was 6weeks ago today. Thanks to very strong painkillers it was bearable… just! I can relate to almost all the problems faced by the rest of you on MBL, fortunately as I didn’t need a pin my cast has remained the same for the whole six weeks.

The first major incident I remember was the dreaded stairs! It was a hell of a lot easier in hospital on a straight metal staircase than it was on the curved wooden staircase at home! The drugs helped me to cope and to be honest I think I have blocked out just how horrendous it was. I came home on the Friday and fell full weight on to my leg on the Sunday as I came down stairs, that’s when the bed came down to the dining room!!! It stayed there for another 4weeks.

Sleeping was only possible because I was on painkillers, I definitely wasn’t comfortable. I was getting very sore on my standard mattress so mum arranged for a special pad to be put on top of my normal bed. This was a hell of a lot better but still not really what I would call comfort! The next two weeks were blurry and I became some what withdrawn from my surroundings, I didn’t want to accept the fact this was going to be my life for the next 16weeks.

My 2-week check showed that the tibia had moved as the swelling had reduced in my cast. The way to fix this was to cut across the cast horizontally and insert “wedging”(small chunks of cork) to move the leg. This pain was bad… as the cork went in my leg moved and this time I was cold turkey!

I felt so disheartened by this setback as I had completely rested for 2weeks and had nothing to show for it. Talks of operations followed but they were still reluctant to do this unless completely essential. At this point I had already slowed down on the painkillers and now I decided I really didn’t want to be ‘out of it’ all the time. I felt good without them, my head became clearer and my balance on crutches was better.

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 Wed 3:10pm 12 November 2003
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