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Comment : Maidstone
Posted by catherine on Mon 4:46pm 17 November 2003

I went to MGGS - although I am shocked to say I left 10 years ago... Went to Uni, lived in London a few years, got married (to Martin, I met him in my first term of Uni). Mum and dad live on Queen's Road, although when I lived in Maidstone we lived in St Lukes Ave.

Spent some of my recovery time with my parents - my mum is of course a nurse and is an excellent carer - and they have a loo on the ground floor. Have now perfected getting to the loo here - I can now rest on my left knee so can get up the stairs almost 'walking' with one knee and one foot - it's easier to drag myself to standing from there at the top of the stairs. It took me ages to get a cast cover so I could have a bath but now I can get myself in and out of the bath and even wash my own hair!

Back to work tomorrow, after 4 weeks of sitting on my bum it's going to be quite a shock. Oh well, at least 'Heat' mag is out...

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 Mon 4:46pm 17 November 2003
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