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Comment : Re: Re: Tibial shaft and plateau fracture
Posted by Myra on Wed 11:47am 10 November 2004

Dear Ann:

I am happy to hear that your tibia/fibula fracture is doing so well now. I also had the same situation happen this past January, when I slipped on ice in our drive-way and fractured the tibia shaft and fibula. I also had a rod and 4 screws put in. Several months later I had 2 screws removed because they are not staying in place. My bones are completely healed now and since I am having a lot of discomfort from the rod, in the knee area, I will be having it removed in December. The rod interferes with kneeling down or stooping down. Has your rod given you that type of problem? My Orthopedic surgeon said that since the rod has completed it's function, it is safe to remove it, so I will be able to have more mobility.

Take care,


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 Wed 11:47am 10 November 2004
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