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Comment : Re: Week 6 Update
Posted by Merella on Mon 5:26pm 30 August 2004

Hey Ann,
that is awesome news about your PT being covered... its costing me over $120 per week, add to that cost for hydro, and it certainly makes it hard to squeeze in too many extra treats.

Its amazing how long it took you to get your permits, but I bet you will really appreciate having them now, I know I certainly make the most of it, and take my permit with me no matter who's car I am getting a lift with.

The olympics has been great on a number of fronts, firstly seeing the amazing effort year on year of athletes who have had terrible injuries to come back and compete at that level.... and secondly, it is has been telecast 24X7 here, so there is always something to watch while pushing away at those bends and stretches :)

my PT tells me that to get better ROM will be "relatively easy" once we can weight bear... so hopefully this means u can get on ok without the arthriscope

I read somewhere that doing a MUA and arthriscope at the same time is very effective (which makes sense to me), however my OS said yesterday that they wouldnt do that first because of my age and general fitness

what kind of research are you thinking of doing next?


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 Mon 5:26pm 30 August 2004
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