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Comment : Week 6 Update
Posted by Ann_P on Thu 8:56pm 26 August 2004

I can't believe it - 6 weeks since my surgery! However, I still have a month to go before my next OS appointment, where I *hope* to get the thumbs up for PWB.

Meanwhile, I am discovering the sadistic side of PT. My therapist is a very nice guy, and he keeps me distracted pretty well...but all while trying to push the leg just those few degrees farther into flex. Is it helping? Hard to say. I'm still just barely comfortable at 90 degrees, but today he claimed success beyond 90...as in maybe 93? As far as I can tell, once all that scar tissue is in there, it's virtually impossible to make any more progress. Apparently if PWB doesn't help loosen it, then they'll have to clear out the scar tissue with arthroscopy.

The good news department:
Yes - in a more optimistic vein, some good things happened this week, too. The first is that I won't have to worry about the PT limit on my insurance plan. Apparently the Dr. and PT know how to manipulate the system to get clearance for more time/visits. And they have no compunctions about doing this.

Also, I finally got both of my parking permits -- it was about time!! I applied for a Massachusetts handicap parking permit so we can park near the entrance of stores, theaters, the mall, my PT, etc...and it took 6 weeks to get it!!??! Because I didn't need to walk into anywhere during the last 6 weeks?? But I'm thankful to finally have it, and it's good through December. Also, the same situation happened at work - 4 weeks to get a parking permit *of any kind* (not handicap, not the closest parking lot). Would you believe both of the permits came together on the same day? It has made such a big difference in my life, too, since it means I can actually drive myself(!!!). (Sorry, Merella. I am so sorry that our one big difference is your R leg vs. my L leg.) The cab rides were taking a big bite out of my wallet.

I talked to my brother this week on the telephone, and he told me his next door neighbor had fallen a week after I did -- broke her tibia plateau also. How strange! Apparently it was pretty bad, so they transferred her across town(Seattle) to a hospital with a trauma center. They wanted to make sure she had an OS with car accident/trauma experience. But...this hospital is also the downtown urban hospital - and apparently her first evening ended with her having to give a statement to police about the heroin deals going down in the adjacent bed. Yikes! What a bizarre story! Makes my whole experience sound rather mundane in comparison...

Hope everyone is enjoying watching the Olympics. It keeps me motivated to do all my exercises.

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 Thu 8:56pm 26 August 2004
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