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Comment : Re: 1 Month Update
Posted by Merella on Mon 3:25am 16 August 2004

Gidday Ann,
Funny that we are both at a conference in the same week - it was tough for me as the hotel where the conference was didnt have a lift only stairs to the event room(yeah I couldnt believe it)but the rest of the hotel had lift access.
Hope your experience was better.

Noticed the same with my nails, and am absolutely hanging out for a pedicure, as the skin on my foot is all coming away (I think due to lack of circulation I guess)..so it looks awful.

Like you I have started taking my brace off at home...especially while I am working at my desk... but have found that I am knocking it a lot more when I get up.. so I guess having a brace on is a reminder

Like you I have the same feeling of numbness on my leg... my physio told me last week to start massaging it as often as possible and rubbing it very roughly when I wash.. since doing that it seems like I have been getting more feeling, so maybe you could try that.

Shaved my leg on the weekend - feel human again :)


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 Mon 3:25am 16 August 2004
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