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Comment : 1 Month Update
Posted by Ann_P on Thu 12:40pm 12 August 2004

Yes - today is really 1 month since my surgery (5 weeks since the actual break)! Progress is pretty good, I think; but gosh there are aspects of this that are still too strange for words...

I'm starting to have dreams (that seem real) about forgetting not to walk on the bad leg. I know this is some anxiety-derived thing - it stems from not wearing my brace around the house, combined with the fact that my pain level is now minimal. I have latent fear that I'm just going to "forget", which is of course impossible, since if I did actually put my foot down I'm sure I'd know it!!

Also, most of the skin on the front of my leg is completely numb still. It's like touching another person when I poke around my knee. But only from the scar up (scar is exactly down the inside of my leg from top of knee, down about 7 inches/17 cm). The whole top of my leg is numb, but below the scar & underneath is not numb.

I had my toenails done right before I broke my leg. Since then, the nails have grown out quite a bit on my good side (haven't been for a new pedi for obvious reasons!), but the nails on the bad side aren't growing at all. I'm a scientist; I know I could do some kind of study about this.

Guess that's about it for weird phenomena.
Meanwhile, I had my first PT (evaluation) appt, and start the real thing next week. Right now I'm away at a conference - yeah - my first trip out of town since this happened! Heck, my first trip outside a 2km radius of my house! I'll give a PT update sometime in a week or so.


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 Thu 12:40pm 12 August 2004
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