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Comment : 85 deg and cleared for simple PT
Posted by Ann_P on Tue 7:20am 3 August 2004

3 weeks post surgery in two more days...! Yesterday I had an appointment with the OS (mine is on vacation - how dare he! - so I saw a different one). It was very exciting because he declared me:

Safe to get it wet! (hello bathtub!)
Ready to start simple PT; obviously still NWB, but I get to do isomeric strengthening, electrical stim and a few other things.

So now I have to decide on a PT, and I think I'm going to take the one closest to my house, rather than the fancy ones he recommended (all in neighboring towns). Also, like Merella & Peter_Z, I've decided more is better: more calcium, more glucosamime, more arm weights, more... My leg looks so awful - no muscle (I've lost 5 lbs).

Also, I got to see an X-ray and look at all the hardware. Yikes! I am like the bionic woman in there.

Have to go to work today for nearly a full day to participate in a conference call. It will be the first time I've tried to sit up at my desk for more than 3 hr.


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 Tue 7:20am 3 August 2004
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