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Comment : Re: Re: Re: Re: 90 degree limit - am a bit worried
Posted by Ann_P on Thu 3:23pm 29 July 2004

oh, I think we can keep this thread going a while longer yet...!

It is taking me a little longer than Mats to get to 90 deg ROM. Also, I am trying to be really careful b/c of the issue of fracture stability. My OS told me at my last appointment that he'd called in a second doctor 1/2-way through surgery...he couldn't hold it stable and attach the plate at the same time. Apparently only one of the edges was a clean break, the rest were crushed. Merella, if all your edges were crushed, this could be a reason for your immobilization.

Mats: one side of my family came to the USA from Sweden in the early 1900s. We have kept in touch with some relatives from there, but not well. The other side of my family is as old as the American Revolution (but on the other side! Hessian mercenaries!!)


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 Thu 3:23pm 29 July 2004
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