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Comment : Re: Re: Re: 90 degree limit - am a bit worried
Posted by Mats on Thu 12:39pm 29 July 2004

Hi Merella and Ann,

Let's see if can reach the limit for how many levels there can be in a thread :-)

Merella: I just wanted to say I agree with Ann that you should try to get a second opinion with respect to you bending allowance. I was on CPM from day 4 or 5 post-op and went up from 30-90 degrees in 5 or so day. It was scary to feel the knee stretch in the machine knowing that a few screws and a plate was the only thing that kept it together but I think it made it a lot easier for me to recover ROM once the bend limit was released.

Every fracture is different though and this probably depends on how stable
the fracture could be made using the hardware. I would trust the second OS if he says the same. But if possible, try to get hold of your post-op Xrays so he has good information.



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 Thu 12:39pm 29 July 2004
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