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Comment : Re: Re: 90 degree limit - am a bit worried
Posted by Merella on Wed 4:50pm 28 July 2004

Good ideas Ann,
I am having my second post op appointment with my surgeon next week.. and depending on how that goes I might just seek a second opinion.. I guess that is something fairly typical for people to do in Australia Pre-Op, but not Post-Op..

It feels a bit weird thinking of changing docs post op given that he knows what cutting and digging around he did

hopefully he will say I can at least go on a CPM next week when I see him - even if its only to 30degrees

like you I worked out the trick with the pillow to be able to sleep on my side... but you would think that someone would give you a checklist of things to make life easier and what to expect/// I taking notes and thinking of publishing a checklist of things that will happen and make life easier for people in our situation

maybe we could do this together :)

ps: 3rd night of good sleep, but 3rd morning of really bad knee pain when I first wake up - I think that fluid or something must be getting around my knee while I am sleeping well and not moving... but find once I get up and move around on my crutches & wiggle my toes it seems to subside

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 Wed 4:50pm 28 July 2004
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