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Comment : Re: 90 degree limit - am a bit worried
Posted by Ann_P on Wed 4:22pm 28 July 2004

I don't know how the healthcare system works in Australia, but here in the USA it is fairly easy to get a "second opinion". Most health insurance plans will approve a single visit to a different doctor - so you can explain your whole case and ask whether he/she recommends a different ROM. Otherwise, maybe even a skillful PT would know? My doctor told me that as long as I didn't go over 90 deg flex, and as long as I kept things very stable side-to-side, movement was good.

Meanwhile...maybe you're interested in my solution for turning over in bed! (or at least on my side) If I put a big fluffy pillow between my legs from knee to ankle and squeeze the legs together, then I can gently roll over onto my good side (& almost on my stomach). The pillow really cushions and supports the leg. That said, today everything aches - from hip to toes... - and I just wish it would *STOP*.


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 Wed 4:22pm 28 July 2004
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