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Comment : 90 degree limit - am a bit worried
Posted by Merella on Tue 5:56pm 27 July 2004

Hi Mats and Ann,
got to say I am a bit worried

(I have a similar level & type injury to Ann)

my surgeon says he wants me to limit my movement to 10degrees because of all the damage that is supposed to heal

I wonder if he is being too conservative?

its been nearly 4 weeks and I think I will be in a brace for another 4 weeks, and am really frightened of my ability to recover if I am not able to move my leg now

I have been a bit sneaky and loosened off my brace (from the first week) to get a little movement, but when I had my checkup last week he told me to take it easy and not move it much

I have been doing lots of flexing of my foot, thigh and buttocks to try and keep some kind of muscle movement happening and also pushing my knee downwards, but I dont think this is enough compared with 100% of people's stories I have read.

Bit worried, but what can u do eh?


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 Tue 5:56pm 27 July 2004
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