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Comment : Sore Hips - absolutely
Posted by Merella on Tue 5:50pm 27 July 2004

Dear Ann,
your and my injuries are scary they are so similar

like you, how it happened was not that spectacular, and it absolutely astounds me that I did so much damage to my right leg without geting as much as a bruise or scratch on the rest of my body

and YES my hip and buttocks are KILLING me on my injured leg (right side).. they were ok until I stopped taking kickass pain relief

I am thinking of going to a physiotherapist to get some massage on my buttocks in hope that it will help

Like me, (we even have matching metal bits and pieces) I am guessing that you are in a immobilising brace for some weeks yet.

I started working from home last week, but being in the IT industry makes it relatively easy for me to do this... I have a wheel chair with a leg extender that slots right under my desk, which makes it easier..but I have to say, it really hurts sitting for so long

I have been spending as much time as possible on my crutches, as I am hoping that this will help with my general fitness and metabolism... but I think that wheelchairs are great for going out for some retail therapy or coffee with girlfriends

I have been updating my diary ... and like you am only just up to date with it as I retrospectively put in what happened over the last few weeks

I know this might sound really really stupid, but I dont even know all the names of all the ligament /cartlige etc damage that I did, and am going to ask my doc to explain it all in detail with me at my next appointment on 4th August

by the way, I dont think you are crazy for going back to the trampoline - I say GOOD ON YOU GIRLFRIEND, the day we stop enjoying life we may as well give up


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 Tue 5:50pm 27 July 2004
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