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Comment : Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Whole Story - Finally
Posted by Mats on Mon 11:59am 26 July 2004

Hey Ann,

Swedish genes - interesting. Lets hope they are beneficial for healing broken bones. Have you got swedish ancestors or did you perhaps move from Sweden yourself ?

I can't remember my hips hurting very much but well another hip issue: at the same time as the leg muscle disappears so does the muscle in the bum that are used to power the bad leg. On me this resulted in the bad leg looking 3-4 cms shorter than the good one when sitting, which caused some worry until I figured out what it was. Now my legs are equal length again :-)

I read your note on Peters diary about your 90-degree limit. I was also limited to 90 degs for six weeks, but did not know it was because of the meniscus until now. Since Peter seems to leave you behind in your ROM competetion you could perhaps beat my 90-145 degrees between weeks 6 and 9 :-)

Hope everything is fine with you. My leg is sore because of too much walking today but hopefully it will get better until tomorrow.



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 Mon 11:59am 26 July 2004
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