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Comment : Re: Re: Re: The Whole Story - Finally
Posted by Mats on Sat 9:05am 24 July 2004

Hi Ann,

Glad to hear that you are coming on well. I don't remember exactly when the swelling disappeared from the leg. Until it does, the only way I found to reduce it was to keep it elevated. The swelling of my foot could controlled by elevation and making sure that my immobilizer was not too tight. Around week 6 or so it didn't bither me much anymore so I could get back to work again, doing deskwork without elevating the leg. At that time I was also allowed to increase my weightbearing a bit. The knee itself was swollen all the time until they drained it from fluid in the hardware removal. Btw. I have a diary as well, if you want to get some hints about what my progress was like.

I did't really find that the swelling itself was a problem but well the pain from the blood rush when getting up walking after sitting or lying for a long time. This was the worst part for me but it got a lot better before week 6.



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 Sat 9:05am 24 July 2004
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