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Comment : Re: The Whole Story - Finally
Posted by Mats on Thu 1:59pm 22 July 2004

Hi Ann,

Sorry to hear about you knee. I just wish I had been around to see the beautiful flip-flops you must have been doing just before you crashed. I also thought I was still sporty at my esteemed age of 35 and blew my knee skiing 6 months ago. I got a Schatzker III+damaged meniscus. No ligament damage through to the surprise of the OS. Sports are dangerous and should be forbidden :-).

I just had my hardware removed due to infection and the knee feels great compared to when it was still in. I can go cycling as well as I could before I was injured (in fact I just came back in after a 2 hour mountain bike ride) but still have to limit walking and cannot run at all yet, but after hardware removal I am starting to believe I will actually get there as well some day. Btw. I got my 4 screws and the plate back so I have some spare part to fix my furniture if something breaks at home :-)

My advice to you is to keep your mood up - You have already done the worst part. The knee and leg pain will probably gradually start dissapearing now if it didn't already and soon it will mostly be a long (but boring) wait until the OS gives the go ahead for you to learn walking again. I am sure you'll be walking again in 4 months ;-)



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 Thu 1:59pm 22 July 2004
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