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Comment : Tibial shaft and plateau fracture
Posted by Ann_P on Sat 8:47pm 10 July 2004

Three days ago I sustained a complete fracture of my tibia. The fracture is on a 45 degree angle extending through the plateau roughly in the middle and goes down and out through the medial side. The fragment (more like huge chunk!) is displaced and rotated by a few millimeters, so I will have all kinds of nice hardware put in next Thursday to fix it. Some of the top part of the plateau seems to be crushed as well (to my untrained eye, based on the films). I don't know if they'll have to do something additional to fix that.

Meanwhile, I just returned from MRI about an hour ago...they let me take the films home so I've been studying them diligently, or at least trying! Apparently the fracture runs near the attachment points for the ACL and PCL, so I'm trying to find the ligaments on the MRI, but it's awfully hard to tell what's what.

For now, does anyone have any advice on what to expect during and after the surgery? I've been given unbelievably little information so far. How many days in the hospital? How long before attempted PWB? How much pain? It really doesn't hurt that badly right now - the MRI guys were astonished. It was amazing how differently they treated me *after* they saw the images. Apparently they look so bad, they couldn't believe I wasn't on more drugs.

thanks in advance for advice and support,

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 Sat 8:47pm 10 July 2004
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