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Comment : Advice/Support
Posted by Shannon on Thu 7:23am 16 January 2014

Hi Ann,

You sound like you're doing great, all things considered. You seem to have a positive outlook and a strong spirit.

I was in a nasty crash three years ago and am still trying to get my femur to heal. I had similar injuries in my left leg and am impressed how well you're doing with pain management.

I torn my patellar tendon off my patella 6 months after my accident (I fell). The restrictions that come with that injury have been numerous but I'm happy to say I can get 100 degrees of bend and had the hardware removed without complication.

The best advice I can give is take the next month to rest as best you can. When you do return to work take the rest of your life easy, work and pain will exhaust you! Are you showering daily? I find that personal hygiene exhausts me, even still.

If you ever want to chat just email me.

Best of luck in your recovery,

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 Thu 7:23am 16 January 2014
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