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Comment : Re: Thanks, Lyssa
Posted by Lyssa on Wed 8:18am 8 June 2005

You are so right. I actually am feeling better since I started at this website. I really like the people here and it is good for me to have an outlet for writing this experience down. I have a home journal, but no one gives you feedback on that one :o)) I am a therapist, so I am able to sit at my job. I will be starting to see my clients again starting tomorrow. And, I finish up a class I am teaching tonight. I luckily broke my left ankle and have an automatic car, so I am going to try to drive today. Even if I can just drive around and don't get out of the car too much, that would be nice.
My OS said that maybe in about 2-3 weeks I might be able to start swimming, and I would like that, so I am crossing my fingers.

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 Wed 8:18am 8 June 2005
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