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Comment : Depression
Posted by Lyssa on Tue 9:44am 7 June 2005

Hi Ann,

I couldn't help but say something about depression. First, I think your idea about getting some anti-depressants is a good one. Remember that they all work differently for different people, so stay in close touch with your doctor if you are experiencing any side effects or they don't seem to be working. You may need to adjust your dose until they work perfectly. This is normal; so don't give up if they don't seem to work instantly. Second, it takes a couple of weeks to get to a therapeutic level and start to really see a change in feelings. You may already know all this, I apologize if I am repeating what you already know.

Depression is a chemical response to a pattern. It would be a little weird if you broke your leg and didn't have some depression; I think everyone on this site can relate to you in that regard. I have to remind myself of what my depression pattern is and then DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT! For instance, I wake up, feeling sorry for myself I start watching dumb TV, I may sit around feeling like I don't have friends and finally fall asleep. Anywhere along this cycle I may need to force myself to do something different. I may force myself to start calling friends and talk about whatever, I may need to read a book or draw a picture. I just have to make myself change the pattern. Journaling on this site is a great thing for changing the pattern too.

It's hard, especially when you have such a good reason for feeling bad, but focusing on changing the depression pattern does work. I think you are really courageous to talk about feeling depressed, that is the first step in changing the pattern. I really respect your candor and honesty.


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 Tue 9:44am 7 June 2005
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