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Ann_B : 8 wks Post Op
Diary entry posted Sat 1:51pm 4 June 2005

Surgery was 8 weeks ago last night. Feels like a milestone. Like many on this site, I am making progress and it is hard to be patient with the progress I'm making. I can do so much more, but not everything. I went to farmers market again this morning and walked much farther. Going out tonight with a friend from home and am pretty excited about having someone here.

Realized this week how depressed I am. Started thinking about who I would go to for meds, don't have a Priamary MD here, and OS is on vacation for next week. Some days its really bad, mostly I don't care about returning phone calls from friends and don't care about work , and feel incapable of making decisions about the house. Other moments things seem good, and I'm functioning really well. Going to stay part time 2 more weeks, feel like I can't let this depression go on...or I will screw work up.

PT has definitely helped, I can walk 20 steps or so unaided with ankle brace on, and ROM is getting better by the degree.

Still am only good for about 2-3 hours of errands or doing things and then I'm looking for time to elevate and get my sack of peas from the freezer.

Kind of want to go see the storage area, and at the same time, don't. I know I'll want to bring things here, and I really don't have any room here, since I'm still using the wheelchair some, and the walker some, and the office chair some....

REALLY looking forward to having Paul here. 2 weeks :-)

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 Sat 1:51pm 4 June 2005
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