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Ann_B : waddle
Diary entry posted Mon 6:24pm 30 May 2005

Actually walked a bit with out walker (10 steps) or help of any kind other than the ankle brace. Boy do i waddle! I look like I think a penquin looks like. So it ain't pretty, but its pretty amazing!

Had my 3rd PT on Friday and went over and did some workout on Sunday. 10 min on stat bike and a few machines. Then I took the dog to the dog park, by myself with no dog runner help.

At 3rd PT, did the same massage, passive exer and did 2 min on the wobble board, but I was sitting down.

I'm meeting my boss tomorrow to talk about my role in the district. I'm anxious about the meeting, but no more so than anxious about PT tomorrow with someone different.

I've made amazing progress this week, from heavily relying on the walker to barely relying on it. I think I might be able to go visit my stuff at the storage area soon, and maybe even unpack a box or two.

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 Mon 6:24pm 30 May 2005
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